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    Eveyone has a story so here’s mine.

    Early 2000’s I received my first DUI. Completed all required court orders. 2005, I received my second DUI. I had relationship and financial issues causing me to drink excessively with the wrong crowd. No excuses. I made the mistakes and I have learned from them and have paid for my mistakes as well.

    My Lawyer faught the charge for over 2 years. The case finally went to court in 2007. The result; 5 year revocation, and of course the Interlock. During this 5 years, I have made major changes in my life regarding drinking. My revocation was up in May. However, I still have the interlock until next month. 2 year requirement in Florida.

    With that said, the DUI was seven years ago. I am not under any supervision program, no restricted license. The bad news: I blew a fail in the interlock a couple weeks ago for the first time ever. The car did not start. I immediately called Lifesaver and the rep advised me to blow in it again, otherwise she could not transfer me to a technician. This was over the weekend. I went back and blew again and failed again. This time, it locked me out. Tech said not to worry. Make appt. at the shop to have it reset. Done. After some research, the fail doesn’t get reported to the DMV unless you blow twice and fail. Damn, the rep told me to blow again.

    I just opened a nice letter from the DMV advising me to make an appointment with the Supervision program regarding the fail that was reported to them. I am scared to death. I have worked so hard to get this behind me. My young stupid mistakes yes, but this has consumed my life for over 10+ years.

    Does anyone out there know what could result from this appointment with the safety council? Again, no license restrictions, 1 month to go until deinstall of the interlock. This is the first violation I have ever had. Will they suspend my license? Will they add more time onto the interlock?

    I have searched the internet and the Florida statutues and I can not seem to find any specific answers.

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