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      Hi All,
      I was convicted of 2 duis 2 years ago and have come upon the time where I can have a hearing to have my liscense reinstated. Today I called to scedule the hearing and evidently the first step is having a “DUI interview” with a hearing officer which I have scheduled for next month. Has anyone had any experiance with this? I just want to be as prepared as possible for any preceedings as I have become a father for the first time since losing my liscense and it increadibly important that these hearing go well. Thank you anyone with any info on this!

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      Congratulations on becoming a father! You should check with some attorneys in your jurisdiction. I respond to a large number of calls from people looking for information here in Massachusetts and I suspect that most NC lawyers would be willing to spend a few minutes on the phone with you. In Massachusetts, the three issues to be addressed are (1) risk of relapse / recidivism (2) the need to drive, and (3) the accuracy of your driving / criminal record (e.g. number of prior DUI offenses, suspensions, etc…) Best of luck!

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      You have to fill out a questionaire asking when the last time you used alcohol/drugs, etc. Be sure to remember these dates. You’ll need to use the same ones in the hearing. Your witnesses will too. The hearing officer will give you a packet of forms you need to fill out and things you need to get done. You have a list of certified substance abuse counselors you have to use for an assessment – $65. You’ll have to get an FBI check done. Do this first because it takes the longest. You’ll have to get a set of fingerprints made for the FBI check. Do this at your local police station for a minimal fee. You have to put down information for three witnesses and one alternate, addresses, driving license numbers, etc. The witnesses can not have had a past alcohol/drug related charge. I think this is the major gist of it. Hope it works out for you!

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      Unless you have money to throw away, you don’t need a lawyer. You need friends from church and AA. Don’t think you can bluff those people. They’ve heard it all. If they think there’s a possibility that you will drink and drive again, you’ll get turned down… I just had my third hearing. Two passed and my first one I got turned down because they said the eleven months of sobriety was not long enough.

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