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    I am moving to North Carolina soon and have some questions about the process of getting new car insurance, a NC drivers license, and registering my vehicle.

    From what i understand and read on http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/moving/ my first step is to get North Carolina proof of insurance. My first question is how long do i have to get this proof of insurance? Should it be done right away (after i move of course)?

    Next, I need to get my drivers license but, I need my NC proof of insurance. Does this mean i need to wait for some form of paperwork to come in the mail before i can get my NC drivers license?

    Once i have gotten my temporary license i now have to wait 20 days for my real license. Once i have that then i am able to register my vehicle and get new license plates.

    My main question is: How long do you have to complete this entire process? It seems to me that all of this would take at least 30-40 days depending on how long it takes for your proof of insurance and actual drivers license to come in the mail. What happens if you decide to wait a couple of weeks before you even get your proof of insurance?

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