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    Just a heads up, you’ll find out anyway, Monitech is raising the sensitivity levels for its devices. The NC DMV has requested this. The .02 warning level has been raised to .004. That is an increase in sensitivity by 5 times! The fail has been set for .009, an increase that is 2.2 times higher than the previous warning level.

    What does this mean? Well it means that what might have never been noticed even as a warning will now fail you. And of course a failure is reported to the DMV and you must pay Monitech to restore your recalled unit. $35.- plus the cost to get it to the shop. Don’t get a fail out of town. You’ll be screwed.

    The supposed rationale is to mainstream all devices to be on the same page but that seems stupid because there apparently are different restrictions for different offenses. Monitech is actually giving out a first time fail pass widen you go in to get a service.

    What can we do? Nothing. Monitech will make a lot more money and the DMV….well who gives a shit about them.

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    Yes, and an interesting side note to this: I was told my the MT staffer that this is a DMV ruling. However, I had a hearing with DMV two weeks later (food incident, rolling bac 0.012) and brought it up and the Hearing Officer had never heard of it. WHY wouldnt the top dog with di issues/licensure at DMV know about this huge change?

    It all just seems quite fishy.

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