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    Ike Lucero, Jr.

    So, I have had my monitech device for about a week. The other day I blew a fail and I thought well surely it must be toothpaste or something, there is no way. Waited for the 5 min lockout and blew again, another fail!! I couldn’t believe it, I had drank the night before but since I had stopped it had been a good 12 hours. I thought surely I can’t still have that much alcohol in my system. So honestly not sure if this was a fluke with the machine, or if I did still have the alcohol in me, but I guess I can flesh that out later, what I’m really worried about is what happens next.

    The unit notified me I had a program violation and 3 days to get the unit serviced. I called and they gave me an over ride code and told me I could just come in for my next scheduled appointment and pay the $35 fee, that was the easy part. Now I’m worried what will happen when monitech reports this to the DMV. From what I’ve read you should never admit to drinking the night before bc that is pretty much admitting guilt and you will undoubtedly lose your restricted license for a year, so I am keeping my lips sealed. But, I have read varying opinions on whether this will cause me to lose my license or not. Some people are saying that a start up test does not really count bc you were never technically driving nor was your key in the ignition (GOD I hope this is the case). But then I have read others who said they had to go to a trial and were told that if the device were not there they would have driven anyway so it is implied that they were driving, and just as bad.

    Has anyone had a failed start test and “program violation” and can tell me how things turned out for them? Really looking for insight into what my gameplan should be. If I end up in court should I hire a lawyer? Anyone have experience with this. If they are simply gonna throw it out I can’t see wasting 2 grand on a lawyer, but if I’m gonna lose my license without one I’ll gladly pay. Just started grad school this Fall and this is the last thing I need weighing on my mind, feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack due to the anxiety/worry/what happens next aspect, plus if I do lose my restricted license I’ll have to drop out of school because it is a 30 min commute and no public transportation. So yeah really really freaking out right now, any help or past experiences GREATLY appreciated.

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    Hey – Curious how things played out for you as my roommate is in a similar situation. Did DMV contact you? Did you win hearing if you had one?

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