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    I am so glad I stumbled across this forum because there seems to be a wealth of knowledge here. I am 22, a first time offender, and have the monitech device in my car for the next year due to a BAC of 0.2 at the time of my arrest. So I will go ahead and say, I am guilty as charged and completely understand having to have this device in my car.

    HOWEVER… monitech has a monopoly on the state of NC that frustrates me to no end, for this product is inferior to other out on the market. Also, the NC DMV seems to have ambiguous laws governing those who have this device. I am a type 1 diabetic, and I was never informed about diabetics not being able to have this device in their car until I came across this forum. Does anyone have any experience with this situation, i.e., other diabetics with an IID.

    My second question is this: What about those of us who have daily/hourly restrictions on our licenses? If the car that I drive that has the IID in it is driven at times outside of those designated on my license, what does that mean for me? The car is not in my name; it is technically not my car. What about those of us who share a car with our siblings, spouses, etc? Will the DMV likely call me in for a hearing for this? I understand that I am responsible for any alcohol that is registered on the device, but what about the hours being driven? I went in for my first calibration today, and I was not asked to fill out a noncompliance report.

    Sorry if that’s a bit long-winded, but I am just hoping to get some insight and experience from others who are in my shoes. Thanks you guys!

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    I think NC now has Smart Start too, but I was told nothing about it when I got mine installed a couple weeks ago. I found a press release on the web about it.

    No idea about the ‘after hours’ use of the car though. Might be a good idea to keep a log book in it and have anyone else that drives the car note the date/time and sigh it in the log. That way if you are called in, you can present the log to the hearing officer. If need be you can have the person in question go with you and testify they in fact made the log entry and was the only one driving at that/those times.

    I think here is the only place I have heard anything about diabetes and the interlock too. Maybe do a search for it on startpage.

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    yeah i believe you’re right about smart start. and your advice is solid, thanks for the input. sorry to read about your issues with the device as well. since it’s summer, i am thinking about investing in a scooter for the majority of my commute.

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    look up monitec thers an article that to owner of monited did and interview with a lawyer that cover your problem it will take some time to find it i stumbled across it Dave

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