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    My name is Sid Lane, I am a 50 year old male in NC. Ive been sober since 1998, with no license. After all this time I finally got my license back on 11/9/10. But I had to have the monitech system installed in my vehicle. I happily agrred to do this, so I got it installed, it was supposed to take 2 hours but it took 6 hours. Rode home that night and the next day I was locked out of my vehicle by the system. They sent out 2 techs who spent 4 hours working on my truck, changed the head on it, got it started and left. The next day I was locked out again! They sent a supervisor to my home, he said it was not my fault, and he was going to put on one that would work. He cut wires and installed the system. The next day it would not let me start my truck. So I called the supervisors personal number from the day before, and he told me to call the 1-800 number. Ever since this day, Ive had six or seven systems replaced, each time cutting my wiring. Ive had over 30 heads replaced, and 35 unscheduled appointments. At $20 a trip, my gas fare for unscheduled appointments. So upset with the system, I decided to take Monitech to civil court. Trying to get a unit on my vehicle that will work. My case was dismissed on the grounds that I could not prove if it was Monitechs wiring in there system, or the wiring in my truck. So I appealed the case, and took my truck to a certified mechaninc that week. I called Monitech to get an overide so the mechanic could look at my truck and there system, and Im glad I did because the machanic, after looking it over, he said the only problem was that Monitech had cut my ignition wiring off so much, if cut once more Id have to replace it. They had cut other wires that have nothing to do with there system on my truck. They had left wiring hanging out of my truck wiring where they have replaced there system so much. There wire was ID’d by the numbers on them as Monitechs wires that were left hanging. I have another court date for the appeal coming up soon, Id love to hear from other people who have had similar problems or are having the same problem. To appear at my court hearing in Durham, NC for support and to stand up for our rights. If so please contact me @ 919 528 8314. Thank you very much. Because we do have rights.

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    Hi Sid im also older male in nc i have a 87 chevy truck and finely my unit is gone after 3 years, if monitec had to come out and replace units thats not your fault why would you pay any thing they came to my house only oncei didnt pay for it only reason for 20.00 fee is if you showed alcohol in your breath ,i had this thing in my vehicle for 3 years it has its problems i also had wiring issues lucky for me im a mechanic it knocked out my guages the day i upgraded to new unit ,dead battery funny thing i have 2 batteries in my truck what year is your truck let me know maby i can help Dave

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    Hi Sid.
    Here is a link to a thread I started the day after my Monitch installation.,1813
    I am having mine removed, since I moved to Florida I am no longer required to have it.
    Anyway, best of luck in court. I can’t be there as a witness, but would certainly support you if I was still in NC.
    Please let us know how things turn out. These jurks should not be cutting wires in peoples cars. They could use adapters that simply plug in with NO cutting of wires required. Very poor practice, what they are doing. And, they don’t even tell us up front they will be cutting wires.
    I think we all should sue them for wiring replacement that is up to factory specs (no splices).
    We have to pay for any damage we do to their machine, they should have to pay for the damage they are doing to our cars.

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