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    this machine has been in my car, now for 16mos.I really have had no problem with it until yesterday. I wanted to go see my son whom had, recently been incarcerated in a facility 5hrs from where i live.I got there o.k, a beautiful saturday spent. On my way home, my body decided that it was time to be revitalized so I stopped at a flying j’s and got a slice of pizza that had everything on it, forgeting about the 15 min rule ’cause i generally don’t go on such long trips,and being in a hurry to get home, i ate the pizza while driving,alarm goes off as i am driving down the interstate, fails me,f/i i keep driving, i’m 2hrs away from home,can’t pull off the side of i80,for that is for emergency stops only and i was afraid to shut off the car for fear i would be stuck there with a tow bill.the alarm never stopped going off,all the way home i had to hear that annoying sound, yet it did not give me the opportunity of a second rolling test,i was scared and stressed right the f out by the time i got home. the box keeps saying lock-out service required in 1 day 10 hrs. and 53mins is what it said when i had shut the car down in my driveway,i called cts’s emergency # to find out what i need to do before my car locks me out 2hrs before the start of my shift on monday morning and 2hrs before the cts office opens for business,the unit has to be shipped from where ever, that generally takes about 3 days, the place that services my car in that aspect,is 45 mins away from my home and about 1hr from the facility that i am employed at.I actually live out in the country, the nearest city is about 45 mins away. i have never gotten a letter from dmv for a violation as a matter of fact i have’nt heard from dmv at all.the unit was only “supposed” to be in my car for a year.during that year i had been driving on my permit,due to stressful times affecting my family, i had to postpone my driving test several times until i could( my profession requires me to work different shifts and when ot is available i work it for the extra money to support my habit for the need for education and sustain my self supportive life style.I get my so precious license back and the dmv says i still have to have the unit in my car for a year while having a “valid” license. this was not stated in my due process paper work fron dmv.i had gotten my dui in n.y from being pulled over for having a “brake light out”I got into deep poop when i checked the light myself,from the officer that stopped me,and found that the brake light was functioning properly,my case was totally based on what the officer said he had witnessed.I never saw the results of the breathlizer test right after the officer gave it to me until i got into court.is there anybody out there that can help me with this whole situation? pls, where i live there is’nt such a thing as public transportation unless you are a millionaire which i was not born with that privledge.the only remedy that i could come up with myself,is to move back to Tx.where i was born,in hopes that Tx. will separate from the u.s and become it’s own country and be governed by the people and for the people.

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