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    I have had the interlock for a week. Had some drinks last night and got a violation today. What do you think will happen to me?

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    Bliddy Boh

    What state and device do you have?

    More likely than not you will get a letter asking what happened. If your answer is not satisfactory they can add time to your interlock period among other things.

    Did you only blow once? Explain everything in detail.

    If you do not feel you can stop drinking then you may have to get a personal breathalyzer first to blow in to check your BAC before trying the interlock.

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    I have the smart start. I blew only once and didn’t try again till the next day. Guy at the place that installed said you get five “viol” a month and to not worry. I’m in Tennessee.

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    Bliddy Boh

    You may get 5 violations a month but sometimes it depends on how bad. I believe if you blow .05 its an automatic violation. But if you blew a .12 i dont think they treat them the same. They might, but the fact is that when you read the report it shows that the machine stopped a guy from driving while impaired. Now if you had a false positive and you know that then I would wait a few mins and swish some water and then try again. Cause when you show a good reading after a false positive then when they read the report it likely shows a contamination. Your state should have a sheet describing whats a violation.

    Like I stated before. If you cannot stop drinking then I would get a good personal breathalyzer and use that to gauge your BAC before trying the interlock. Cause what happened was that the machine did its job.

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    wtf peeps

    Who are you ? Are you a second offender / 1st offender ? If you aren’t an attorney, or work for a breathalyzer company,

    and aren’t from Tennessee you can’t answer the question accurately.

    This is the research I did to help this idiot:

    It isn’t clear on the website, but again that isn’t a violation. It’s a start up- issue.

    It sounds like the guy from Tennessee isn’t talking about a rolling re-test violation.

    If he is, he is the dumbest person alive. They give out paperwork listing what you can / can’t do.

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    Bliddy Boh

    I believe I answered the question a lot more accurately then you did. The link you posted was a joke. How was that “research”?
    Yes, it is a startup issue in the sense that he failed the startup test. It will likely count as a violation, but also they can judge it more harshly because he did not learn his lesson and would have driven while impaired.

    “It sounds like the guy from Tennessee isn’t talking about a rolling re-test violation. “
    Where anywhere in my response did I mention it was a rolling re-test?

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    wtf peeps

    What in the world are you talking about ?

    That is not a violation. A violation is when the car goes into a lockout.

    You obviously aren’t intelligent and can’t read.

    You can 2, 1 + 1, and then it goes into a lockout.

    What state are you from, and you are giving false information you idiot.

    It’s unclear on the Tennessee website. Do me a favor find the document

    from Tennessee. On all your posts, almost every single one you are in fact giving false information.

    Why are you trolling this board ?

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    Bliddy Boh

    There are different levels of a violation. minor and major. An example of a major violation would be a failed rolling retest, like you stated. A failed start up test would be a minor violation. But, if you get multiple minor violations, usually three within a service period, then it counts as one major violation. So, technically it is a violation.

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    wtf peeps

    oh okay I see what you are saying. It doesn’t take much only two in Massachusetts, which leads to a lockout.

    It depends on the lockout for how serious they take it. Surprisingly I have not missed a test, but so far

    have been lucky and only 2 separate start-up issues. Do you know if a viol is the same as a fail ? I assume they are exactly the same

    but not 100 % sure.

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    Bliddy Boh

    hmmm…… in the previous response from you to me you said I wasn’t intelligent, couldn’t read, and called me a troll.
    NOW, you want my advice? I think an apology is in order before I give any advice to you.

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    Bliddy Boh-
    Do you still have your device? You stated in 2011 that you had a smart start installed for 5 months… much longer are you required to have it?

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    Bliddy Boh

    I have been done with my court ordered device/time for about a year and half. I just try to stay active to help anyone out.

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