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    I recently had a Draeger interlock device installed in my car for the state of Colorado. A few months after doing so I broke my back and had to have an emergency evac back to FL to see proper doctors and have assistance from my family. I had my truck shipped down immediately as I needed to end the lease on my residence as soon as possible. After a few a couple months passed I was cleared to drive. After applying, I recieved a full normal Florida Drivers License. I no longer need the interlock device in my vehicle for this state. My problem arises here. My device has locked out and the compnay, Draeger interlock, has no offices in Florida. Due to my injury and current employment I cannot drive to the nearest Draeger technician located in Georgia. I have connections with a car company and have a very skilled mechanic who is willing to uninstall it for me. He is worried about what will happen to the vehicle once he does so though. Will there be any damage to the vehicle if he uninstalls it? Is there something that will not allow the vehicle to start (ie some sort of kill switch or will it fry my circut board)?

    I have contacted Draeger and asked these questions myself. They refuse to disclose any information even when I tell them I’m going to uninstall it myself no matter what they say. I’ve also contacted the DMV of Colorado and there will not be any reprucussions because technically my paperwork for early release on my license never fully went through. As long as I don’t drive in the state of CO without an interlock device, I will be perfectly legal in removing the device.

    Will there be any computeral or mechanical damage to my vehicle if we uninstall the interlock device ourselves?

    Thank you for your time and help.

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