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    Tried posting this as a reply, but server blocked it saying it looked like spam.. heh.. almost like things I’m saying are being monitored and blocked as they are the TRUTH and big brother might not want others reading it.. cause it raises a lot of questions..

    I still do not see how these machines can be considered anywhere near accurate and reliable.. I am now on my FOURTH handset in ONE WEEK! They also have a monopoly here in Ontario, no other options to choose from, so if you want to drive, u have to use the alcolock LR unit. ACS has this shit locked down, and they are making a killing off it. Every time I have been to the service place, the other people I talk to there have the same stories, same issues and same problems as me. The one ‘tech’ even told me he sees this problem a lot more than he’d like to.. He knows, they all know..

    Heres some food for thought;

    Most recent problem I had was TEN aborted tests “invalid sample” followed by a lockout (detected ‘high bac’ acording to the printout) and this is at 8am as I was simply trying to get to work. I’m thankfull my boss is understanding, and gives me a lot of leaway.. a lot of places I would have lost my job this week. (late THREE TIMES) Now, heres the interesting part.. this lockout gets put on my record/file and is taken as absolute truth. Counts as a strike against me. Now, I am allowed a few lockouts in the first 6 months, as long as they are not 3 consecutive in a certain time span, and I don’t miss any rolling re-tests, but still.. this is bothersome to me, as its only the first week, and I have 9 months of this shit to get through. (not alowed ANY failures in the last 3 months.. I might just stop driving..) So, Imediatly after TEN failures (invalid sample) of the machine, a reading that detects supposed bac is still taken as absoulte truth.. How is that logical? It makes no sence at all..

    I work in a machine shop, and use measuring tools accurate to tenths of a thousanth of an inch. If I get 10 diffrent readings trying to measure the same part, I question my measuring device. Even IF the last reading was the number I was ‘looking for’ I still don’t believe it and have to recalibrate the measuring tool, or toss it in the garbage and get one that is ACUARATE and reads properly.

    If this machine worked as it was intended, I would have no problem with it being in my car. But it doesn’t.. if an auto manufacturer had this many problems with a part or system in a car, they would be forced to recall and FIX the problem, or replace the vehicle/faulty parts. I’m convinced that it is totaly about the money grab, and does NOTHING to prevent or stop impaired driving or accidents/deaths.

    On a side note, I have proof on video that these machines cant even do the ONE task they are supposed to do properly; detect actual blood alcohal and lock out the vehicle.

    (fun fact, my cell phone cost me $200 and does SO much more than this pos interlock, talk text internet/email, apps, etc, and quite reliably too… but the interlock handset is apparently $1300 to replace if damaged or lost.. lol ya.. and it cant even do ONE thing correctly)

    I had quite a few drinks one night early on in the week and the next morning the thing didn’t even give a warning (set at .02 on my unit) which I thought was odd, cause if u believe the bs they tell you in the course I had to take, there should have been a signifigant bac registered.. not nearly enought time had passed for my body to suposedly get rid of all the alcohal…(aprox 8 hours) but no, nothing.. started my car (after 3 tries mind you) and went to work. So, the other night I had maybe 7 drinks in about 5 hours, then ate a slice of pizza. Didn’t rinse with water, even had a cigarette too… I turned on the camera and blew into the machine just for shits and giggles… it DIDNT LOCK OUT! Just kept saying ‘try again’ or ‘blow longer’ or ‘invalid sample’ Now keep in mind I had no intention of actually driving anywhere, but I was trying to see if the machine would actualy do its job.. and I realize that yes, the car still wasn’t allowed to start, but really.. how did it not detect enough to lock out? How can this machine be considered acurate or reliable? If it can fail one way, it can fail the other way as far as I’m conserned. This year is going to be hell..

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