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    I received a Dui in another state other than residential state. I called the DMV requesting it. I told them I live out of stat wand do I still need to comply. I was told they had to research whether I had vehicles registered there. Which I do not. And would receive a call back it been about a month and no reply. However. I was suspended in my home state and no mention of an interlock system. What is the law on this requirement.

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    Bliddy Boh

    What state do you reside in?
    What state did you get the DUI in?

    Most times a state will put a hold on your license until you comply with the DUI requirements. If they are neighboring states then more likely than not they will comply to each other’s wishes and allow you to take the other state’s DUI punishments. Some times you have to take the requirements that are more harsh out of the two.

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