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    So I will probably have to have an Interlock device installed on my car.
    I am scared from reading all the horror stories on here…of false readings etc…
    oh, this is gonna suck…
    Anyways, I don’t really have a choice so which is the lesser of all the evils?
    Are any of them reliable??
    Approved Interlock providers in my state Maryland are:

    National Interlock Service
    Smart Start
    Draeger Interlock of Maryland
    Guardian Interlock Services
    Alcohol Detection Systems

    Thanks for any input!

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    Bliddy Boh

    Please read the forums for information regarding this question. There are many posts about experiences with these interlocks. Many of them recent experiences and some with even positive results (pun intended).

    There is a search function too.

    I was scared too when I was looking into what provider to use but my choice was smartstart and it worked just fine for me. The key is to get as much information as possible about it all. Then you will feel more comfortable not only with your choice but with the whole situation. Get info about what to do if you blow fails, false positives, skip a rolling re-test, etc…… Plus, can you remove the head in the cold months, which really helps start it up in the winter time I can vouch for. Also, who to contact at the company or installation center should the unit fail and all that. Learn what BAC delivers a fail, warn and pass for your state.

    You can get all that info in these forums and calling each provider and simply asking them questions.

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    I am in Wisconsin, and have the Draeger interlock. Didn’t do any research, that just happened to be the brand the company that was first on the list that I called had. I have had no issues like others have listed here. I never eat or drink in the car (other than water) so as not to tempt fate, but have had no false positives or anything like that. It uses the blow then suck back system, rather than humming, which I think is easier and less annoying. Best of luck to you.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    Nice to know the Draeger does note require humming…..BIG PLUS.
    This will move it to the top of my list.

    Wow, its already embarrassing enough, don’t need to add humming to rub salt in the wounds.

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    Does anyone know if there are other Interlocks that don’t require a HUM as part of the breath test?

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    bluejean the key to these machines is never drink and blow into at least 48 hours after drinking!!!!!! Or quit drinking… The second MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO
    HAVE A CASE OF BOTTLED WATER IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES!!. Before blowing into machine rinse! rinse! rinse!

    I have had trouble because this was not stressed enough when I got my machine. Mouth contaminates from foods, smoking, just about anything could cause a false reading. I live in carolina where the threshhold is lowest in nation at 0.01

    You must do your research on your particular device THOUROUGHLY!!! If you do these things you should be fine.. Buy a (good) personal intoxilyzer breath meter… blow into it before leaving the house if you want to be safe….

    I think you can find them in the market place… Worrying about the stigma and what other’s think should be the least of your worries, know your machine, be serious, and remember your license is your FREEDOM! Thier are MILLIONS that are using these device’s GOOD LUCK!!

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    i would tell people its an anti theft device only works with my breath some people believed lol,dont worry you will be ok its just frustrating to use,like all the post agree on rinse your mouth a lot Uncle dave

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    lol, anti-theft device. Nice!!! I’ll use that…. (:D

    Thanks for your advice guys.
    Good idea about the “personal intoxilyzer breath meter”. Any pariticular brand your recommend?

    Would you guys mind sharing what brand interlocks you use?

    I actually kind of have an option. 1 year Interlock or 90 day suspension.
    I would totally take the 90 day suspension, but my work is not really accessible via public transportaion. bummer!!!

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    Bliddy Boh

    In my opinion I would not get a personal breathalyzer unless you cannot stop drinking. I purchased one and used it but it was way overkill. If I drank I did not drive period so it was useless. Do the math instead.

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