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      I am finally approaching the end of my required year for the interlock system but wondering what the steps are to getting it removed? Today the technician said, that it depends on whats on the back of my lisence. Apparently, if it says restricted, then I must go to the DMV first?
      And I have had fails and warns but no high fails and or rolling fails…would that keep them from ending my required year?

      Hope someone who has gone through this can give me some insight on what to expect..

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      [edit: sorry, didn’t see you had it on for a year.]

      I’d always to talk to your lawyer first to be sure (because there may be circumstances unique to you), but basically you’ll need to get your license back as soon as your suspension is over. Head to the DMV (a driver’s license office) on the date your suspension is up-you’ll still have the interlock in your car. If I remember right, it costs $100 for reinstatement from a DUI. Apparently, some people have had to take a driving test, but I didn’t. Once you get your license back, on the back, under ‘Restrictions,’ you’ll have a restriction listed for the interlock up to a certain date-usually 45 days after the date you got your license back. That’s the date the technician was talking about. Schedule an appointment to get a de-installation done on that date. The technician will ask to see the back of your license to verify that you’re eligible to get it removed when you bring it in.

      After they take it off, monitech will give you a certificate saying you got it removed. Take that, and your license, to the DMV again to have them reissue your license without the interlock restriction on the back.


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      when my time was up i went to dmv day before removal,i just said i needed restrictions removed ,and they gave me oaper for temperary licwense then about 2 weeks later mine arived in the mail i kept old license monitec dident ask to see any thing ,do you have a license or paper permit i dont think u have to take test unless there expired
      ps good luck

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      I had mine taken off last month after a year with it in my truck. Aldo is right, you need to go to the DMV and get your license back first and it will say on the back what day you will be allowed to have it removed. I suggest calling the DMV in Raleigh and asking to speak with a hearing officer. They are the ones that can give you the correct info. They will shoot strait with you, don’t ask a regular DMV worker, they really don’t know.

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      Hello, my dl says that my end date is today 1.4.2014 but it is sat and the monitech people say I need a new dl. is this true and how much does this cost.

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      So you do have to go to the DMV to get your license changed when you get the box removed? Mine has “20. BAC .04 Until 08-06-16/Ignition Interlock Until 08-06-14.” Since I still have a 2 year BAC limit afterwards, and the dates are clearly printed, I shouldn’t have to get my license changed until 2016. Well, it seems like common sense but it is the DMV so who knows, lol. I’m only curious right now because I work construction and I have a job starting soon in SC so I’ll have to be taking time off of work to drive back to NC to make my appointments. It’ll be good to be prepared with as much information as possible to tell my bosses for when that day finally comes and I will no longer have my car be ravaged by this machine.

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