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    I’ve been reading some of your messages. CTS and their interlock device can screw! I’ve never been more pissed than I am right now. I live in NH. I had the interlock device installed in June. The minute I drove away from the garage, I stopped for coffee. When I came out, my truck would not start! I called the garage, they told me to wait 10 minutes and try again. I did. It started. However, for the next three months I kept having the same problem! They told me it was my remote starter interfering . . . had that disconnected. Still didn’t fix the problem. Took it back to the garage. They said, well . . . it’s your starter. Took it to my garage . . . starter was fine. Finally, after three months of telling CST and the garage who installed the device the problem was with the device did they finally change it. My truck starts every time now. I had to file a complaint with the better business bureau in order for CST to reimburse me for the three months it did not work as well as the $100 towing fees I had to pay because it wouln’t start. Well, today a new problem. I was just recalibrated this past Monday (today is Wednesday). I started my truck this morning no problem. Let it run as there was ice on the windows. Cleaned the windows, got in the truck and it was beeping for me to blow again. I did. I passed. Pulled out of my driveway and 20 seconds later (no lie!) was pulling into the gas station near my house when the horn started beeping! Then it said “lockout” and I needed to be serviced in four days! I called the company and they’re telling me I need to be recalibrated again! They can’t tell me the problem until they get the device back! I just paid $30 to the garage and $35 to CST to be recalibrated this past Monday! Now they’re telling me I have to pay another $75 (for lockout readin) today to have a new calibration . . . plus $18 for 2 day shipping because if I don’t do the 2 day shipping the new device won’t be here in time and I wouldn’t be able to drive my truck!!!!!!! This is just bullshit! I have no problem doing the time for my crime, but I have never had such horrible dealings with a company! I urge anyone who has problems with their devices to be persistant with the company and file your complaints with your better business bureau wherever you are! By the way, I’m sure some of you may agree . . . This is MORE dangerous than texting and driving!!!!

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    Agreed, it is distracting and stressful when the device doesn’t work. I’ve had to pull over on the highway to restart my car because the stupid thing was sounding an alarm for no apparent reason. It reminds me of software programs that just send stuff out without proper testing to ensure that the program works, then when people have problems they continuously send out patches to fix the problems. I don’t think that this technology was ready for commercial use, but I’m sure in a few years after they fix all of the problems using us as their testing subjects they will be.

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    Draeger Ignition Interlocks consistently work. You can go to for location near you.

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    Mine is a Draeger, they mess up too. I’m convinced that the technology needs to improve before they’re really ready for commercial use. The first time was because the mouth piece was defective. The second time was because I didn’t blow in time for the retest. The third time it was because I didn’t wait long enough after using mouthwash – that was my fault. Now they’ve set new parameters and it takes me 5 – 6 times before I can get the timing right and start the car. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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    i have the smart start installed on mine. i have similar problems,currently i’m on a lockout violation for a week now could not afford to pay the 50.00 for a lockout i work about 30 miles away from home the tow would be way to much to tow in back into the way i see it is i’m already going to be reported for a violation this month so i’ll just wait til payday to take it in. by the way if your wondering how i got it started i used a piece of my speaker wire as a jumper wire. didn’t have a choice had to get home somehow.once i got home i used alligator clips to so i would not have to miss work.i’ll have to bite the bullet on payday when i take it in.

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