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    Hello, I live in CT and I have the Drager interlock device for one year and I am on probation and I had my first test fail after waking up in the morning trying to go to work after having a few drinks the night before. I obviously did not five myself enough hours to get the alcohol out of my system. However my interlock device does not tell me my BAC so I panicked because I’ve never failed before and thought I was doing something wrong and tried it again, failed again. I was locked out for the initial 15 min. period and at that point I knew I was going to be late for work and went back in the house to shower and ate and drank water and used the same mouth piece and failed once again. The interlock told me there would be a service lockout in 3 days. I notified the company and they told me to come to get it serviced. Once the information was pulled off the guy told me that I failed an initial high BAC then 2 more fails after which I knew already but still didn’t know what my BAC was. The guy told me the information goes directly to my probation officer? Is this true or does that information go to the DMV then they notify probation? I notified my probation officer that I had failed a test immediately and wanted to speak with him and explain. What should be my concerns? Is there anything I can do to explain myself? Should I call a lawyer? Does the information go right to probation and if so will they automatically violate me? Please give me any information you have I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

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