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    Got my interlock device removed last week so here goes. By taking my issues to the BBB I got 2 free months with them, so I suggest anyone who misses work because of a device malfunction give the Better Business Bureau a message. I had zero violations, zero warnings, a bunch of blow harder and blow softer bs, and drove frequently to and from work.

    You can still drive about 2 hours after a couple glasses of wine, on pain meds, weed, or anything else but excessive alcohol. Just remember to nix the alcohol mouthwash and be careful about any sugars you consume while driving.

    Don’t take it to heart about the humiliation and embarrassment you may feel while driving with it, because thats exactly what they want you to do. Also don’t let anyone harp about your DUI despite the circumstances — its between you and a judge now. I just tell people to go talk to the judge if there are any concerns. Nobody’s perfect (look at Justin Beiber) and definately not everyone can recover like celebrities and politicians can when they get caught. Heck we have a local Senator’s wife who just got her third! Shit happens!

    Remember this is just corporate bullshit sticking their noses into the justice system to make a but. They are in bed with MADD making them a nice profit too. Take it day-by-day and it will all be over soon.

    Good luck!

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    Good luck to you. Now, just keep it off your car ;)

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    hi,i was wondering what steps they made you go through to get it removed please

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    Stacey M Washington

    hi,i was wondering what steps they made you go through to get it removed please

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