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    I have had an interlock device in my car for 2 years now. I have had to fight 2 false positives having actual hearings. I was in a car accident where I was hit head on by a restricted drivers who was 89. I have a permanent brain injury. Due to that I take medication that when mixed with Ibuprofen causes my liver enzymes to spike to the 1400s each time this happened I would the following day blow false positives. Thank God I had witnesses and went to the police station and asked them to breathlyze me and it came back no alcohol.

    I have also gone through 2 alternators, 2 starters and 6 batteries, mostly during the cold winters in Minnesota. Just this last week I had another 8 month old new alternator burn up. The company who makes my device claims there is only a .04 amp draw on my battery at start up and when I blow. 2 mechanics now have confirmed that the thing is drawing a continuous 1.9 amps and my batteries never fully charge because the draw is so high and also the alternator never rests so with in a week or two will start whining.

    I have had the installation company when given this documentation try to remove the equipment because I am high maintenance. When I asked what this is, it is because I ask for receipts and they do not want to provide one. Because of being disabled in MN I am also eligible for reduced fee which the Company who farms out the installs says the install who are ordinary mechanics do not see. Yet last year the mechanic who did the recalibration gave me the email stating I was on reduced fee and told the company who distributes the Drager handsets that he would no longer service me. The middleman company who claims there are no false positives and the equipment is just fine refuses to give me written documentation that the equipment is only drawing .04 amps and not constantly.

    After my car freezing literally freezing in rush hour traffic in the middle of a 4 lane freeway because nothing would work and I was even unable to get it in to neutral to push it or turn the wheel wanted to send a tech immediately to permanently remove the equipment.

    I am fine with my consequences but I am also facing a felony tampering charge now because after recalibration the day before the car started without the handset connected.

    I should serve my consequences but having charges brought against me for crimes I did not commit and for which there is ONLY a mechanical machine that reads in me sour dough bread as a fail, my good friend who is diabetic fails frequently because of key tones when his sugar level isn’t balanced in the mornings and everything from oil paint fumes to having your car detailed is a breech of my civil rights. I am being judged juries fined and punished by a machine that drager will not even come to court to defend. And when it comes to the DMV I don’t even get a day in court unless I hire a private attorney and the state lengthens my sentence and I have to keep paying.

    Class Action Suit is that in 3 days I have found 40+ strangers with interlocks who have had to replace starters, altrrnators, and batteries. I have tow truck drivers, auto parts stores and mechanics who can testify to the increase and repeated replacement of these parts and jumps and tows related to this equipment in new and older model cars.

    Now that Interlock is required for anything .06 bac and mandatory for even first time offenses it won’t be long b4 your grandmother or mother is being charged for after the fact charges that are bogus and having to spend undue repairs on their vehicles due to the faulty equipment.

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