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    I have read alot about the failing of a test with your iterrlock. My daughter got a dui in a parking lot. They had already called a cab and she was told she was parked illegally . She went to move the car and she got tagged. So she had to wait to go finish college and has worked all year to pay her eight thousand dollar debt. She has accepted her responsibilities and I have been super proud of her. On her way to couseling she was on the highway and the system required her to do a rolling test. Keep in mind to her left was a cement barrier and to her right major traffic. She has a huge fear of being in trouble so she does the test but the cord gets caught on her emergency break and dont forget you have to breath into he device for 6 secounds. In the process she got in an accident. Her car is history and her airbag did not deploy. She calls me screaming………..worst noise in the world. The police officer doesnt believe that they make them do rolling test so she shows him the paper work. He declares the interlock system a the cause of the accident. I called the Secretary of State to get some input on this situation and while on hold listen to all kinds of information how texting and driving is illegal yet the have people performing rolling tests on the highway. I get that people make mistakes but the worst danger my daughter has ever been in is since this machine has been put in her car. This device requires rolling tests every time she drives. It seems to me if they are going to require that type of test then they should be able to detect speed and only allow them at slow rates of speed.

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