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    The ignition interlock device is clearly not perfected so why the hell is it being used? For one thing, when you are in a rural area with no public transportation that is nothing but highway there really are no safe places to pull over for a rolling blow. I drive on nothing but rural highway for well over 6 minutes without any exits. I refuse to pull over on the shoulder causing distractions so a cop could pull behind me while I am alone on this highway, so I roll and blow going 65 mph! I hope you feel safe with me out there! Also at night I refuse to pull into parking lots and dark places to do a rolling blow. Especially since I blew in it to begin with when I started the car!

    How about when you car breaks down on the hwy like mine did! I had to sit in the middle of the road for 2 full minutes before I could blow again to get out of everyone’s way! I couldn’t even drive my car to the shoulder during that time! It was actually more than 2 minutes because I was so upset and terrified that I could not do a good enough breath to start it! What about when you are at a 4-way or stoplight and your car cuts off? Or a drive-thru? Did anyone ever think about that?

    Good luck finding a mechanic who will work on your car with that device in it! I spent an entire day looking and had to sit there while they replaced my clutch so I could start the car for them! Nobody tells us that!

    Gawd forbid you have asthma or any other respiratory illness because you are screwed!

    For those idiots that tell us we caused all of this and deserve the device here is what happens to a first time offender in Nevada: 90 day license suspension, 2 days to 6 months in jail, having to sit and listen to a bunch of bitter women spat their negativity at us for 3 to 4 hours, sit through a DUI work shop meaning watching old videos for 2 days and paying for it, a hefty fine, having to find another insurance carrier, attorney fees, at least 2 AA meetings a week for 6 months to a year, paying bail bondsman, drug screening and counseling for a year, going to court once a month taking time away from work, most people losing their job because they cannot even afford to get their car out of tow, and having your car towed and the cops at the jail think it is funny to pretend they don’t know where it was towed to! Isn’t that enough for a first time DUI? Sex offenders and theives don’t even have it this bad!

    I dont want to hear about the killing people shit! My first husband was killed by a drunk off duty cop who was driving wreckless 19 years ago, but I managed to move on! People die on the roads everyday and not necessarily from being drunk! I have seen where people had to work all night or pull double shifts causing fatal accidents trying to drive home. Can we all stay home from work if we do not get a good nights sleep and get paid? How about staying home during bad weather? An idiot trucker totalled my Xterra because he was driving all night and lost controll on black ice permanently damaging my daughter’s back! He didn’t even have this harsh of a punishment!

    The ignition interlock device was strickly to make money and humiliate those who need one. It should be a choice and not a requirement! If I want to drive and drink I WILL find a way around it! Trust me! It is stopping nothing. It doesn’t even work correctly!

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    What a lot of baloney.

    Drunk driving isn’t the only thing that should get targeted. But your bitterness is your own lack of taking responsiblity. For your drinking and driving. And for your choice in this matter. Sure it sucks to get caught. It sucks to have problems in life. Meanwhile, the point is to stop drivers who’ve drunk. It’s that simple. Have you fully stopped? Then the program worked. Have you not? Then stop complaining.

    Yes, pull over on the shoulder. It IS safer. Pull into a parking lot. People shopping there are doing it. It’s safe. Don’t be driving in the middle of the night so you have to worry about darkness and safety. It doesn’t effect others at all if you’re stopped for 2 mins, and they have to wait. Stop claiming protecting of others as your excuse.

    Bitter women? That tells it all. You listened to their pain, and had no sympathy. You want pain in your life to get better… start being sympathetic to other people too, and to your own pain. Not the pain of being caught, but the pain that’s got you drinking and unable to deal with all of this. That too needs support and attention… and it’s out there for you.

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    I clearly stated that the ignition interlock device has a long way to go before it is perfected, and also most of us have already paid dearly for our crime without it! Going to jail and spending lots of money was enough for me, but now they want to shove this POS down our throats to cause more inconvenience and humiliation. Sunshine you say the interlock device prevents everyone from drinking and driving! Thats not what I see! I have read several reports in my line of work where first offenders turn right around and get caught drinking and driving shortly after it is removed! Some even get caught driving other vehicles. It is a personal choice to not make the same mistake twice! Not the device, MADD, cops, laws, etc.

    Not driving at night is the stupidest thing you posted! People don’t always get to choose what hours they have to work. Im not pulling on the shoulder! Thats final! Not safe on the interstate so its not happening and I am sure others feel the same way.

    No I have absolutely no sympathy for the MADD speakers! They were loud, rude, accusatory, and disrespectful to the crowd. Not one DUI fatal story told that evening was after 1995, and its 2013, so it looks like MADD isn’t helping them move on and heal either! Whos Bitter now? They should take into consideration the crowd they speak that way to and the fact that they may run into the wrong one in public someday! I shared in my post about my husband’s fatal death at the hands of a drunk driver — so I do understand their pain, and having to move on. Has MADD been able to bring anyone back from the dead yet? If so, please let me know!

    Not everyone is the same, and people make mistakes despite the circumstances, and not everyone who gets arrested has the same drinking habits despite what MADD tries to pound into the sheeple’s heads.


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    I can give you a number of DUI caused deaths from 2013. And personally know of someone dealing with a near death from last year.

    I’ve read enough of your posts, to see excuses and blames and bitterness. You need help. You are oblivious to the damage your habits cause. You cover up with inaccuracies, so you don’t have to face it.

    There are brave people here facing their issues and moving on. Sorry to say, you aren’t there yet. You aren’t one of them yet. Good luck.

    You aren’t remotely a causal drinker with a one time slip up. You’ve made statement after statement that proves it. So stop your denial. You aren’t fooling anyone!


    “:Sunshine you say the interlock device prevents everyone from drinking and driving! “

    If you can’t quote me accurately or understand what I write — i can’t take you seriously. You know perfectly well, that wasn’t my point, nor what I said.

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    The devices don’t stall you out while your driving. They only stop the engine from first starting. Please stop using incorrect information on this.


    Q: Will the interlock device shut my car engine off?

    A: No. An interlock device cannot turn off a running vehicle….All that an interlock can do is interrupt the starter circuit and prevent the engine from starting.

    Q: What happens if I do not give another sample after the engine starts?

    A: If the breath sample isn’t provided, or the sample exceeds the present blood alcohol level, the device will log the event, warn the driver, and then start up an alarm until the ignition is turned off, or a clean sample is provided.

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    This damn thing is ridiculous. I’ve had 3 violations in a yr. The first was my fault, blew a .03 the first week I had it. Never drank after that in fear of going back to court. The second was 6 months later, I blew and it failed. I apparently waited 21min and passed when the limit is 15min, another 6months. The third was 5months later at work. I blew it failed, waited the 5min blew again and failed. Blew the third time after a mandatory 15min lockout and passed, time, 23min. Guess what another 6months. My case was closed 3months prior to this third violation, I have my license with ZERO restrictions. I can drive any car, with anyone, any where, with no legal problems but still have to have this damn thing on.

    I decided to take a day trip to the beach which is 2hrs away. I passed every roll test and every start up test. After about 4hrs at the beach I decided to call it quits. As I got closer to my car, all I could here is beeping coming from the inside. I got to the car looked at the device and it was beeping/flashing saying retest violation. Called draeger and they said to disconnect the interlock. Nothing, it was still beeping, now just coming from under the dash board. Called back again, this time they said disconnect the battery terminal. Once again Nothing, still beeping. I decided to disconnect the battery terminal again but this time for about 5min. FINALLY it reset and I was able to blow and get my ass home.

    I got home 2 hrs later and blew like 6 times on the way, I passed every one of them. I got home ate dinner and went back out to my car, probably took 30mins to eat. When I got into the car I noticed it was still saying drive safely, no warm up, no ready to blow message, my keys weren’t even in the ignition yet. I started the car WITHOUT having to blow!! Later that night, probably 2hrs later, I went back to my car and it was saying RETEST VIOLATION again!! Beeping/Flashing not allowing me to do anything. I couldn’t start my car, I couldn’t blow into it, I couldn’t do anything.

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    Maria Gomzan

    i got same problem :(

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    Hey Sunspot we are talking about a faulty product! As consumers we deserve to purchase or lease products that work all of the time and not just “maybe.” I really don’t care about your statistics or social life! I have a relative who cannot walk because of a semi driver who was speeding and fell asleep at the wheel but who really cares about that either? I mean the driver was not drunk so that makes it all ok. Shit happens! We demand a better product! It is no excuse for some company to profit on a peice of crap!

    Yes, most of us are angry for getting a dui. I know plenty who drove and got away with it including cops! The way DUI’s are handled now is over the top and rediculous and that is why people are bitter! Here is another fact! People are still getting them on a regular basis so its not working! HA HA! MADD is worthless and making people even more disgruntled! So here it goes angle of mercy! Unless you have been through this don’t f***** come here lecturing strangers about their actions! You are not a judge so go away and deal with your own crap! People on here are tired of being stranded andlied to when noone will do anything about it! Its abuse of a faile court system!

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