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    Shelia at NMA


    Is this even possible or will automakers try to get out of taking blame if their driverless cars are in an accident?

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    Well, I personally think it should be automakers’ responsibility if accidents happen with their cars involved. However, if they won’t take any responsibility, you could always ask for help from law firms and lawyers. I just read about this at https://www.lemberglaw.com/self-driving-autonomous-car-accident-injury-lawyers-attorneys/. I think people should know what to do when things like this happen.

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    John Carr

    It is not possible to make a car free from blame if it is judged by the standards of a human driver. There are ambiguous situations. There are situations where the car doesn’t have enough information to decide.

    If a robot hits a patch of black ice and slides into a pedestrian, I’m betting the robot is liable. Being at fault does not mean you were designed to destroy humanity. It means the law decided you had to pay the other guy’s expenses.

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