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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Indiana NMA Members,

      HB 1465 passed out of the Indiana House Roads and Transportation Committee by a unanimous vote earlier this week. This bill did not show up on the online calendar until Monday, February 9th, and was already up for committee vote at 8:30 am. The bill is on the fast track, and lawmakers also don’t want voters to know about this bill. It has now gone to the full House for approval, and we are not sure yet when it will be up for a vote.

      Contact your representative immediately (Click Here to find yours—top right-hand corner) and ask them not to pass HB 1465. Since the bill might be up for a vote at the last minute, it is imperative for you to contact your representative ASAP.

      This bill would authorize the state police and the state Department of Transportation to establish a pilot program for automated speed cameras to enforce highway work zone speed limits. Twelve miles over will trigger citations, motorists would have the right to fight the ticket, and no points would be added to driver’s licenses. Ticket money would go to the DOT and the state police.

      Indiana State Police Spokesperson Brad Hoffeditz said that the state police should be taken out of the equation. Instead, the tickets should be treated as an administrative violation to avoid the need for police or even courts. Tickets would then be mailed out, similar to a motorist who receives a toll bridge bill.

      In the last legislative session, a similar bill sailed through the Senate but was defeated in the House. If it passes the House, it will likely become law.

      Click on this link to learn the many reasons to oppose automated speed cameras.

      Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Indiana and everywhere else!

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