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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear NMA Pennsylvania Members,

      SB 172 authorizing speed cameras has now passed both chambers in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, but not in the same format, so it needs to bounce around between chambers.

      This bill is now worse than ever as it permits speed cameras on interstate and turnpike work zones, federal-aid highway work zones, plus part of US 1 and part of Henry Avenue in Philadelphia. The Philly cams will be on continuously, with no work zone required.

      You may have already contacted your own PA House and PA Senate member. You can do so again, to reinforce your opposition and tell them you know they voted the wrong way on SB 172, and want a vote of NO on any future votes. You can also contact the Senate and House officers.

      DO THIS NOW: It is critical to contact Governor Wolf to say you are opposed to SB 172(speed cameras), and want him to VETO the bill if he gets it. Use the online form to ensure your opposition is properly recorded. Also, remind him this is an election year and say that you will use this issue to decide how you vote in the fall. Very important to say this.

      Here are some suggested policies which could actually improve safety in work zones:

      • Cease putting stop signs at the ends of acceleration ramps on interstates. It makes no sense to require drivers to pull out from a dead stop, especially for a tractor-trailer.
      • Set speed limits to the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed. The absurdly low limits create unsafe rolling roadblock conditions.
      • End the conflicting-sign syndrome. Why does a sign say one thing, then 50 feet later one says the opposite? Missing signs are common also. This is confusing and one member got a ticket where the speed limit signs were confusing. Sometimes the speed limits keep changing too. Keep one speed limit and make it obvious.
      • Do all night work on interstates. Fewer people=fewer crashes.
      • Post signs for the zipper merge concept. This means you use TWO lanes until you merge into single lane. Otherwise you will get people backed up miles before they need to, which causes congestion, and causes people to dart into the open lane, refusal to allow merging, road rage, etc. Should always try to maintain two lanes at least, too.
      • For US 1, Henry Ave., and other roads, Pennsylvania should be required to set speed limits to the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, use longer yellows for traffic lights, decent length all-red intervals, and sensors to keep an all-red if someone enters late. Can also synchronize lights and use sensors to change them. Use stop signs only where needed, too.

      Please encourage everyone you know to write to the governor at least, and if possible, their own PA House member and PA Senate member.

      Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Pennsylvania!

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