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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear NMA Pennsylvania Members,

      On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, the Pennsylvania State Senate Transportation Committee approved  SB 607, which will allow municipal police to use radar and LIDAR for speed enforcement. As with other bills, this one does NOT require 85th percentile speed limits but does allow tickets at only +6 mph in some cases. No mention is made of past radar accuracy problems, which were reported in the state in past years.

      Please contact your own PA state senator here. Say to vote NO on SB 607, municipal radar. In June things move quickly, so please do this right now. You should be safe contacting via the web form or phone, but phone will guarantee the message gets through much faster.

      There could be multiple alerts between now and the end of the month. We will focus on doing small alerts, rather than large ones, which have multiple bills and ask you to contact many officials.

      Also, if you are not already signed up, please contact the NMA here and ask to be signed up for the Pennsylvania email group, which only gets 1-3 messages per week typically. This is for NMA supporting members who pay dues only.

      Thank you for supporting motorist rights in Pennsylvania!

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