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    Received a ticket from a state trooper who was in the opposite line of traffic between two vehicles. While I was going the speed limit due to noticing the officers car we passed and I resumed my speed which I was comfortable driving at ~70mph in a 55mph zone in a rural highway with 0 traffic. Observing the roads and external environments are more important than paying attention to speed rate or other distractions inside vehicle. The officer decided to turn around and speed for over 5-6 miles to catch up to me and issue a ticket. Could I have the case thrown out by saying the officer exceeded the speed limit without cause in effort to chase down my vehicle hoping like most drivers on that road was exceeding the low speed of 55mph?

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    John Carr

    I don’t know specifically about Tennessee. In most states there is no rule that a ticket must be thrown out if the police officer broke a traffic law.

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