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    Mrs. Smith

    I am new to the IID scene. Our shared vehicle has an IID for our college aged son. “It takes a village” to start a car in our house. We started with Intoxalock/CST. After initial problems (I hit deer while trying to blow), the unit was found to be faulty. It took hours of nerve racking questions on our part to convince them to replace it. In those hours of conversation, I spoke to operators that failed to tell us that Our state is a “non reporting state” and that the only info they send to the DMV is the initial installation confirmation, and if unit had been tampered with, they are obligated to notify the DMV. After that, I was not worried if repeated “too soft” readings or dozens of lockouts would affect our son’s license status. My sympathy is not for drinking drivers, but poor families who share cars with the device in it.

    1) For those deathly afraid of the “log results” who live in non reporting states, is there a list of those states available?
    2) Can someone tell me what happens if I unplug the horn? Or remove the horn fuse? I assume the log would record tampering? Has anyone had this happen?

    There have got to be ways to make life more bearable for those of us who can’t afford another car, and share the vehicle with a family. Also, are there codes or ways to override the lockout?

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    Bliddy Boh

    Most states would have the interlock installed on every vehicle registered to the offender with consequences if the offender is caught driving a vehicle without an interlock.

    I would not attempt to tamper with the electronics just in case.

    Why not switch your provider? Public transportation can work too.

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    Mrs. Smith

    I think it would be helpful for newbies who are fortunate enough to be in a non reporting state to know that. The fear of too many “too softs” being reported to the DMV made me believe we were all (4 non offending drivers other than our son, using the car) jeopardizing my son’s license status. it was a relief to find out the logs weren’t sent to our DMV.

    We have switched providers, my husband and I and 2 of 3 of our kids are not offenders, and we are looking at ways of driving our only vehicle with more ease. Public transportation is not an option in a farming community 20 miles from a major city, unfortunately.

    The “just in case” would be if what, the report listing “tampered device” was submitted to the DMV? True. We are just looking for a way to eliminate the horn. The purpose of the unit is to prevent the car from starting if the driver has a BAC. Fine. The constant “too soft” readings cause the horn. That’s our issue, with this company’s unit, and the last company as well…

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    Bliddy Boh

    What unit are you using now?
    What state are you in?

    While “too soft”s do get logged I am sure, I doubt they affect the outcome. I had the smartstart and had many aborts. I am assuming that I live in a reporting state since my entire log every month would get sent to the interlock division govt office in IL. No one ever said anything odd about the amount of bad starts. What really matters is the BAC level, like you said.

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