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    I live in Los Angeles, CA. This is my first time since I’ve had my device that I’ve ever gotten a VIOL and it was due to mouthwash. It gave me about 2 minutes til it asked me to reblow into the device and I passed successfully so I was able to start my vehicle and drive. Every time the device went off for me to blow I passed. I called my IID provider and they told me I should contact the DMV because a VIOL is a VIOL, but I was able to pass within 2 min. Has anyone had this happen to them before and what happened? I feel so worried. I have never gotten a violation and I was able to pass within the 2 minutes it asked me to reblow. I have about 2 months left til I get this device removed from my vehicle.

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    Shelia at NMA

    Dear Alyx626,

    Many folks have this problem…they eat too much fruit, or chew gum or mouthwash. You have two months to go so I would suggest be careful on what you eat and put into your mouth before you drive and while driving so that you can finish up your sentence.

    Too many people have had to start again because of problems like these.

    Good luck to you!

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