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      I am willing to ANY advice regarding my situation. I will start by saying that I personally am thrilled with the concept of the interlock. I am the past vice-president of MADD in our state, and I truly consider myself lucky to have not killed or injured anyone or myself when I chose to drink and drive. I am an alcoholic in recovery and first dui was June 2005. went deferred and second was August 2009. I drrove in 2005 with an interlock from Ignition Interlock NW the hujm and blow one. No issues. In August 2009 I had them install one again. I had to get a new vehichle end of May 2010. I had numerous problems when it went into my VW jetta. They could not get to the bottom of it, they were wonderful trying to figure it out. It kept blowing my relay and wouldnt power up. I then went to a company called AutoSafe (draeger interlocks).
      Initially I missed a rolling test because the old interlock didnt require one upon shutting off. I asked the installer if they had any trainging information avaiblable and they literaally laughed at me. OK I guess I didnt mention that I had a financial declatation with the state ( for 1 yr ) from August to August, This new company notified me December 2011 was the last month the state would be payihng under financial declaration. So they demanded $383 from me by Jaunuary 1. (Lease fees are $75/mo) I HAD to pay it and was just shocked to learn that the state paid them the whole year under it. WOW seems criminal to me.
      BUT that isnt even the worst of it, the interlock has been malfunctioning since they “re-calibrated” it to new DOL specs in November of 2012. It doesnt always “click” befiore asking me to blow and then it wont accept my blow it is really weird and will evenutally blow the horn and lock me out. I have blown each time it asks. I truly belive there is a problem in the handset or something, I start my car about 50 times per day really! The company says that there is nothing wrong with the handset (they wont replace it) and keep charging me aprox $135 per month even though the state is paying them in full.
      I have just bought a new car. Am I able to have anotuer company put on a FUNCITONING interlock and then force this company to take this one off? I jsut need it to work and not be charged such rediculous amounts.
      In any case i have not drank even one drop since August 18, 2009, I am losing heart thoiugh in this process. I am trying to accept the punishment i am afraid really that it will kill me.
      Any input would be GREATLY valued.

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      I dont know anything about the money issues, because I dont have anyone (government or any other source) that is helping me which my device.

      As for the faulty device, I have had to have them replace two hand sets that were faulty. It isnt unusual at all. They may initially try to not acept responsibility but if you can explain to them exactly what crazy errors are going on, they will switch it out. Be sure to document each error as it occurs.

      My understanding is you have to have a device on all of your cars. So, if you trade in your old car for the new one, you would have that device removed and a new one installed in your new car. However, it seems from what I’ve read on these boards, that the Draeger is the most user-friendly (while still not infallible.) So it could be that you just need a new hand set.

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      Can I just say I feel your pain. My dui was from 2008, but I just delayed driving. I just had the interlock installed a couple of weeks ago with no issues in Virginia. And all of a sudden yesterday I get one. It failed me, and then right after it passed me. Then it passed me again because I had cut the car off and restarted at my destination. I called my asap case manager and advised her of the fail and she said I should be ok since I passed tests after the fact, but I am curious if that info is sent to DMV/Court anyway. I decided to have mine checked by Draeger tomorrow anyway to be sure as I do not drink anymore… I did call their 800 number and they assured me the unit does not malfunction. Odd since their brochure says not to eat 15 minutes prior to using it and to wash your mouth out… Any one have any advice or anything on this?

      I get the use of this device, I really do. If it can save lives so be it. But it is very disturbing and bothersome to me when I am not drinking, being very diligent about keeping my mouth clean, and then it fails me.

      Also does anyone know if the Draeger XT unit passes I take could actually show BAC levels on a report? This makes me concerned because initially I would drink things like Coke, or things other than water and since the device always said pass, I thought I was good to go. But apparently after reading through other posts, this may not be the case. So disappointed and frustrated with this whole situation…

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      Bliddy Boh

      the readings are recorded every time you breath into it

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      Just curious if you know anything about meds? How long should I wait to the test after using albuterol inhaler. I was going to just not use it but that is not an option (bronchitis).

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      I am sorry I dont know anything about inhalers effects…. I would suggest getting a personal breathalyzer and that way you can see for yourself what false reading for alcohol is showing after you inhale your albuterol. You just have to decide if its worth spending the $100 for a decent model (shows 0.000 readings.)

      Because of all the people who try to circumvent the system, those of us who are trying really hard to restore our lives are suffering for it. The program really isn’t designed for success.

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      I have not drank since the night of my DUI. I got my interlock installed during my statutory suspension period. I was hoping that I would only need this thing during that 6 month period because I HATE this machine! I have problems with it every single time I drive! I have been stranded, been late to work and been absolutely humiliated! Yes, I frickin’ know it is MY fault and that I should not have been drinking and driving. I would be more than happy to take my punishment and use this thing every dang time I had to drive…..IF it WORKED and was ACCURATE !!!!!
      I have had 4 violations and all were sent to the Secretary of State and then I was sent letters for each one stating that I needed to explain why and the circumstances. No problem, because I did nothing wrong…except one of the 4 violations said I had a bac of .196!!!!!!! Which was higher than my DUI! The other 3 were read at 0. I did not have anything to drink or eat, I had simply just gotten off of work, got car started, tried to do the rolling re-test, it kept saying blow longer, blow harder…over and over. I kept running out of breath before it was time to do the suck in part. It was taking forever for it to take. It kept shutting itself off saying re-set. Somehow, I got it started and an hour and a half later, headed home. So, how is it possible to have a 0 reading, start the car, then according to the report, have a .196 bac 46 seconds later???? THEN two minutes later I miraculously had a 0 bac again! I can’t get the vendor to even acknowledge that this thing was faulty on their end. It had to be something I ate or drank…BS! I had a ZERO bac when I started it and had consumed nothing in between!!!
      Last week I was convicted and am revoked for 18 months. I am scared to drive. I have not driven since I got the letter about the INACCURATE reading.
      I will need to have machine removed when I get the revocation letter, but then when I apply for a restricted driving permit, they will make me re-install it.
      I live in a town with no bus service and I certainly can’t afford a cab to work, so I don’t know what I am supposed to do. This is my life we are talking about…I can not have another false reading, for one, if I am trying for a work permit and for another if I EVER want my license back again. This is serious stuff that can mess with my future. I know my mistake but how can I ever move on from it if this machine is such a piece of shit and could ruin my life more than it already is because of my stupid mistake….??
      Give me a machine that is accurate and works 100% of the time and I will blow in it for the next 5 years if I have to, just don’t punish me by giving me 18 months of inaccuracy and fails that make me too scared to even drive. I am going to end up losing my job!
      I am a first time offender with no criminal history and only a few minor traffic violations in the almost 30 years of my driving. Illinois

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      I have a Draeger XT …it gave me the .196 bac after no eating or drinking anything at all…and it takes forever to click, so long that I run out of breath. It malfunctions all the time and of course my vendor will not take responsibility even though it shuts off on its own! And they charge me $55 per violation.

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      Do all of you have the Draeger device installed?
      I had Intoxalock by CST installed for a year, I had a few problems with it. Mostly on really hot days it would fail or say retest missed. I did nothing out of the ordinary, never drank alcohol but on occasion it would fail.
      I now have to get another interlock installed and I’m shopping around. Please suggest which to get or not to get.

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      I have experienced the same problems and this is like a nightmare. No matter how much you explain the situation, the people “in charge” of your life are not capable of even try to understand our frustration when you explain that you have not been drinking alcohol and they tell you that you are lying. This is a device that is not accurate and cannot read alcoholic beverages solely. I wish some day we all can get together and bring this problem to the agency in charge of this program in an effort to, at least, have them produce a device that works. It is beyond my comprehension that one minute the machine detects alcohol in your breath and one minute later there is no alcohol detection. This is not a helpful program, this is design to make a person fail. And in top of everything it makes it even more difficult to find a job.

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      Bliddy Boh

      what state are you in and device do you have?

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      Sounds frustrating. Have you talked with your attorney? Maybe he/she can recommend a better installer. Or at least help you argue your case.

      For the rolling re-test when it’s going badly, how about pulling over. Stopping the car, relaxing (get out and walk around.) Then try blowing; maybe then easier to get enough breath to get to the sucking part.

      It costs upfront to get a webcam for the car, but that may help in the future with supporting your contentions. At the least it’d show you were the one blowing. So a 0, high, 0 would have to be an error. The DMV is probably now assuming someone else blew the 0’s.

      On the humilitation, that too take a breath. If a friend of mine got a DUI, and had to deal with one of these, I wouldn’t think humiliation. I’d think, worried about their drinking, if it’s a problem. And if a one time mistake, I’d think that.

      There are a couple people here with a lot of experience and good ideas. You’ll get more used to it, and better able to manage it too, so it doesn’t error. Apparently taking the handset inside to work and home at night, helps reduce equipment problems. Bliddy and Wanttosucceed, and a couple interlock installers are around.

      How long were you drinking and driving before it caught up to you? This sounds like a wakeup call. It’s frustrating, but it will be managable eventually, and you’d get past this. Have you asked anyone about carpooling, or paying a co-worker to pick you up, (it’s less than a taxi, more than a bus)?

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