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    I am willing to ANY advice regarding my situation. I will start by saying that I personally am thrilled with the concept of the interlock. I am the past vice-president of MADD in our state, and I truly consider myself lucky to have not killed or injured anyone or myself when I chose to drink and drive. I am an alcoholic in recovery and first dui was June 2005. went deferred and second was August 2009. I drrove in 2005 with an interlock from Ignition Interlock NW the hujm and blow one. No issues. In August 2009 I had them install one again. I had to get a new vehichle end of May 2010. I had numerous problems when it went into my VW jetta. They could not get to the bottom of it, they were wonderful trying to figure it out. It kept blowing my relay and wouldnt power up. I then went to a company called AutoSafe (draeger interlocks).
    Initially I missed a rolling test because the old interlock didnt require one upon shutting off. I asked the installer if they had any trainging information avaiblable and they literaally laughed at me. OK I guess I didnt mention that I had a financial declatation with the state ( for 1 yr ) from August to August, This new company notified me December 2011 was the last month the state would be payihng under financial declaration. So they demanded $383 from me by Jaunuary 1. (Lease fees are $75/mo) I HAD to pay it and was just shocked to learn that the state paid them the whole year under it. WOW seems criminal to me.
    BUT that isnt even the worst of it, the interlock has been malfunctioning since they “re-calibrated” it to new DOL specs in November of 2012. It doesnt always “click” befiore asking me to blow and then it wont accept my blow it is really weird and will evenutally blow the horn and lock me out. I have blown each time it asks. I truly belive there is a problem in the handset or something, I start my car about 50 times per day really! The company says that there is nothing wrong with the handset (they wont replace it) and keep charging me aprox $135 per month even though the state is paying them in full.
    I have just bought a new car. Am I able to have anotuer company put on a FUNCITONING interlock and then force this company to take this one off? I jsut need it to work and not be charged such rediculous amounts.
    In any case i have not drank even one drop since August 18, 2009, I am losing heart thoiugh in this process. I am trying to accept the punishment i am afraid really that it will kill me.
    Any input would be GREATLY valued.

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