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    I had a interlock in Florida for almost 2 years. I have been none drinking for 3 years. My problems have been with false violations. I’m on my 3rd devise and 3rd vendor. You cannot believe any of the vendors. The Guardian in my opinion is the biggest piece of crap. A product from Canada from the 1990’s. The unit was nothing but trouble. The cheap vendor did not even have a hook to hang it with. So driving around the velcro peels off and the it goes under your feet. Three times it fell and broke the blow piece off. Only one to a customer. It would freeze up and lock on or it would not take the rolling blow, setting off the horn.
    Panic !!! The DMV counted all my violations and now has extended my purgatory. One more miss and I am subject to their whims. Is any on doing anything about this Shit?

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