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    I live in Hancock county and travel on N 600 W everyday to work. The speed limit on this road is 40 and should be at least 50-55. I don’t understand how it can be the limit that it is and the town gets away with it. If I could get a legitimate reason why I could handle that. However, when the cop that pulls me over can’t give me a good explanation as well. That concerns me.

    What are the proper steps required to change the speed limit on a specific road?


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    John Carr

    Is it a county speed limit or a town speed limit? The only 40 mph zone I find using Google street view is in the town of McCordsville. That 40 mph zone appears in town ordinances but the road is described as a county road (“CR 600”). The town may be copying the county’s speed limit instead of setting its own. First step is finding who set the speed limit. Start with the county highway department: http://www.hancockcoingov.org/hancock-county-government-departments/hancock-county-highway-department

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