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    Not counting when I had a hardship licence I’ve had the stupid thing for three years now. So, my time should be up. But, what do I do now? Do I go to the RMV and see a hearings officer first? I know that you are supposed to have the last six months reviewed but by who and is that what you do first? Will they turn you down if you’ve only had one violation but no lockouts?

    This is the only information I can find from the RMV and it’s not very clear. It’s from the affidavit I had to sign when I first got my licence (restriction Z) back” I understand that in order to complete the Ignition Interlock Program, a review of my last six (6)
    months of the Ignition Interlock Program is required. This review must not contain any lockouts.
    If a lockout occurs during this time, my time on the Ignition Interlock Program will be extended
    an additional six (6) months from the most recent violation. A final service visit is required before
    any request for removal of the device will be considered.”

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