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    Shelia at NMA

    Will you stop handling your phone while driving since now it is the law?


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    Yet another half-baked law begins it’s journey on the Washington State law books. Don’t get me wrong I believe there is a need to curb distracted driving. But the law falls short of requiring ALL distracted drivers including police and State Patrol. Have you ever driven the highways of Washington only to witness an officer of the law with a cellphone in their ear? WTF, I mean they’re already driving with two-way communication, a computer and half a dozen other distracting devices in their patrol cars, then to witness them answering a cellphone really pushes the limit on how distracted can one get/// However, like similar articles where they are immune from laws like using unmarked vehicles to make traffic stops against title 48, when do the laws apply equally?
    The law is too broad, and gives an officer too many opportunities to abuse it. You may have been doing nothing at all but driving, now they can simply stop you and say you were distracted. Besides what do they have to prove in court?

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    Shelia at NMA

    You are indeed correct about all the distractions that law enforcement ride with…really unbelieveable to think about!

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