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    Dinwiddie’s Justice system makes it clear if they want to prosecute you there is no defence. I spoke to over a doesn lawyers before finding one that would even represent me with a not guilty plea and 6 or so more before I found a lawyer that actually took an interest in my case legal fees ranged from $200 to $700. A few of the lawyers said they wouldn’t represent me with a not guilty plea because everyone charged with a traffic infraction in dinwiddie is convicted.

    In traffic court, on Thursday April 13th, 2017, I was in court for an hour and a half, and was found guilty on the officer’s testimony alone, no evidence was presented. I appealed the decision and on May 24th the first date of my appeal the officer did not show and a continuation was granted after sitting in court for an hour and a half. On June 28th after sitting in court for another two and a half hours I finally got a hearing, the Judge found me guilty stating that both of our recollections were plausible but since I did not have my cruise control and speedometer checked before and after the the incident the officer must have been correct, once again no evidence was presented only the officer’s testimony. I was given the maximum penalty for the charge, $96 plus the court fees and four points on my record. Court costs and fines totaled $256.88. Since I spend most of my time on the highway in the right lane and traffic in the other lanes is usually passing me I have no reason to suspect my speedometer of being miscalibrated. Using the Judge’s logic I would be going 15+mph over the speed limit all the time.

    I was on my way to work heading down Interstate 85 South in Dinwiddie just like every other day for the past 11 years. I was in the right lane with the flow of traffic and a fair distance behind the car in front of me. When the car in front of me started tapping his brakes behind a line of vehicles exiting the highway at the Route 1 exits. I cancelled the cruise control and allowed my car to coast down to 54mph before deciding to move to the left lane and proceeded to speed up I had gotten to 58mph. That was when I noticed a vehicle in my rear-view mirror closing in behind me and closing in fast. I started checking the right lane to see if it was safe to move back over, and merged back into the right lane. As I was merging, I looked out the driver-side window as a white utility van passed me going fast enough to shake my car. before I had even finished changing lanes. I returned my attention to the road ahead of me, set my cruise control at 60mph. Soon after I passed the 65mph sign and begun to accelerate a patrol car pulled up behind me with his lights on. I had reached 62 mph by this point and proceeded to pull over. The Dinwiddie Police Officer accused me of going 76mph.

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    Shelia at NMA

    So sorry to hear about your experience. I bet the police officer mixed up the cars! Thank you for fighting your ticket though! You stood up for yourself and that is something to be proud of! If you think Dinwiddie has a speed trap please place the information on our website at . Thank you too for sharing your story!

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