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    Hello again –

    After six months of good luck with the Guardian AMS2000 I’ve encountered a situation where the device randomly changes the service count down. I’m on my third handset this month. After my last calibration they set my appointment for 34 days out. When I left the service center it read “service 34 days.” I drove straight home. I went out a few hours later, plugged in the handset and it read “service 27 days” – it dropped a week! I went back, they changed the unit and it did the exact same thing. At that point the service center started blaming my vehicle. They said to just not let it get to “service -7 days” and try to make it to my next appointment.

    The unit continued to count down normally for two weeks before failing to accept a breath sample. In fact, it actually added a few days to the service count down. I got back – third unschedualed visit this month – and the replace the unit again. This time they said the count down was not my vehicle, but because they had kept extending my appointments by a few days each month until I was out of sync with my expected date. So yesterday it was correctly showing four days until next service at lunch – by 3:30 in the afternoon it showed service due in one day! Now I’m afraid to even plug it in for fear it will go to minus 7 or worse.

    The service center seems lost – anyone else experience this?

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    For what it’s worth, the service center replaced the base unit. Time will tell if that solves the problem.

    I have to say that I have not experienced the nightmare “customer service” that many complain about. It’s frustrating when the hardware malfunctions and I’ve had a couple of times where they messed up appointments and I arrived at a closed office. Overall the people at corporate and at the service centers have been courteous and supportive (both Guardian and Alcolock).

    I have to wonder sometimes when I see others showing up for their monthly downloads with dozens of “fails.” If you are going to integrate the interlock into a drinking lifestyle then the problem may not be with the device. I’m still a raging alcoholic, but the device remains on the shelf until well past any boozing.

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