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    My daughter was convicted of DUI June 9, 2011. She got permission to drive and Monotech device installed July 25, 2011.
    She is almost through with the whole thing. She found out this week she should have gotten a temporary license June 9, 2012.
    She went to the DMV 6/21 and found she needed to take a road test but she hadn’t driven her car because she thought she shouldn’t be driving. She schedule a driving test for 6/25. They told her she has lost credit for the time from 6/9 to 6/25 because she failed to get this temporary license. So I guess she will have to keep the Monotech device for at least 16 days longer (and pay them more of course).

    We are are disappointed in our attorney for telling us nothing of this temporary license. Neither the court or DMV notified us of any of this.
    If my daughter had not began calling the DMV we would not have known at all. Has anyone been through all this? How did you find out how to do everything? Did anyone have to take a road test?


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