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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Pennsylvania NMA Supporters,

      On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, the Senate Transportation Committee will have a voting meeting on SB 419, where it will likely unanimously pass the bill onto the full Senate.

      At that point, it will be on the Senate calendar for a likely full-chamber vote.

      This is a different version of municipal police radar and LIDAR. There has been activity in both chambers on radar recently. As usual, this radar bill does not require that 85th percentile speed limits be posted, or that only egregious violators be cited. This is all about the revenue. There is a strong desire to pass one of these bills. Recently, there has been more talk about the expansion of automated traffic enforcement to different technologies, new roads, and making current pilot programs permanent also.

      It is suggested that you contact your state senatorstate representative, and governor. Say to vote NO on SB 419 and any other radar bills. Also say you want automated enforcement laws repealed and no more anti-driving laws enacted going forward. It is important to check in now, as June is typically a time they enact anti-driving laws. Do so right now, things move quickly.

      We are making progress though. A major PA newspaper recently questioned the new Move Over Law and asked if it could potentially create safety problems. Several NMA members have also been in the media informing everyone about motorist issues. We need to remain vigilant and keep up the fight.

      Thanks for your support of Pennsylvania motorists’ rights!

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