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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear NMA Massachusetts Members,

      The Senate Ways and Means Committee snuck this one past us last week, and SB2553 (formerly called SB1376) heads now to the full Senate. We believe the vote will be on Thursday, February 27, 2020. Do not wait to contact your state senator whom you can find on this website.

      If An Act Relative to Automated Enforcement became law, it would bring automated traffic enforcement to the state and police the following with automated cams:

      • speeding (exceeding five miles over or more)
      • blocking the box
      • blocking bus lanes
      • making illegal right turns
      • the passing of school buses with stop-arm stop signs
      • failing to stop on red.

      Lawmakers want to bring nearly every cam there is into the state to automatically enforce traffic. Here are some of the particulars:

      Each city and town would have the ability to decide whether to install cams based on population. Municipalities could only install one camera per 2,500 residents. School bus cameras would not be included in this limit. Also, each camera would have to be approved by local leaders only after a public hearing. Any net profits from the use of the cameras would be sent to the state. Officials would also have to submit an annual report to the DOT.

      Camera violations would not go towards points on driver’s licenses, nor would they become part of the DMV record. Ticket fines would cost $25. Ticketed drivers would have 60 days to contest a ticket.

      One of the NMA’s Lifetime Massachusetts’ Members wrote this as part of a longer email to state senators:

      “I want to voice my STRENUOUS opposition to Senate Bill #1376 (now SB2553), the legislation to allow local cities and towns to add speed and red-light camera enforcement in the Commonwealth. Such cameras encourage graft and corruption, deny due process of law, and place an unfair and regressive tax burden on the citizens, all while doing absolutely NOTHING to improve safety!”

      We encourage you to write an advocacy email in your own words voicing strong objections to bringing automated traffic cameras of any kind to the state of Massachusetts. Also, feel free to call your state senator as well.

      Here are some NMA Issues pages that can help with putting a stop to this policing for profit or taxation by citation cash grab:

      Here are also a couple of news stories about the legislation:

      Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Massachusetts!

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