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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Florida Member,

      Earlier this week, a group of activists traveled to Tallahassee to visit the offices of many members of the Florida House and Senate. A major topic of discussion was the repeal of the state’s red-light camera law. The overall sense is that repeal is more likely than in previous years, with odds on passage of HB 6003 estimated at 90 percent.

      That isn’t too surprising because the Florida House has overwhelmingly passed camera repeal bills in the past. What is encouraging is that, with some changeover in committee assignments and in senator seats, some peg the support for repeal in the Senate at greater than 50 percent. We think this is the best opportunity in recent memory to rid Florida of red-light cameras.

      Now is the time to let your state representatives know you support, and want them to support, the red-light camera repeal bills noted in the title. You can find your legislators and their contact information at http://www.MyFloridaHouse.gov and at http://www.flsenate.gov. Send a brief letter, an email, or make a phone call within the next week to ten days. If the bills get assigned to committees, we will notify you with further details about contacting those committee members and about public hearing dates.

      The current legislative session ends on May 3rd, so things are going to move quickly if the bills move through committee and reach full floor votes.

      For talking points, visit the NMA’s red-light camera issues page. Another good reference to cite is a recent study conducted by Florida International University in which researchers determined that the ticket cameras provided little beneficial effect.

      Thank you for supporting motorists’ rights in the Sunshine State.

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