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    I have not had a drink in almost 8yrs now. I have been doing everything by the book and following all the rules to get my license back. I was allowed a restricted license with a device installed on my vehicle since August 2012. I started the vehicle and left work without an issue. I was driving home and the device requested rolling test, which it said I failed. The device started to do a count down and I immediately pulled over and shut the vehicle down before it shut down. After it counted down I blew into the machine and I passed and continued home. I called the company that installed it and set up an appointment because a service date shut down displayed. The next morning I started the vehicle without an issue and on the way to work it requested a rolling test. I gave the sample and it took very long to accept the reading and asked for me to blow in it again, which I did. This time it said fail and started the count down. I pulled over and called the company as it was still counting down and they said there wasn’t anything they could do until the scheduled appointment. I blew into it after the count down and it started. I gave one more rolling test as I pulled into work and there was no issue. I continued to get random failed tests for two weeks. It has been colder than usual and it takes the device longer to warm-up. The company’s internal check of the equipment said there were no problems with device. The second time I had to go to get the data download I was advised to remove any air freshener or unsealed containers in the vehicle, which I had windshield washer fluid in the backseat. Since I removed all those items I have had no issues again except the company mailed a violation letter to the DMV. Now I’m waiting to see what their going to do to me. I’m scared because if they revoke my license I have to started the process all over again and I didn’t even do anything wrong.

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