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    Ok, I’m not sure about other states but the DMV in NC has got to be the biggest bunch of idiots in the world!

    My gf got a DWI in 2007 with a BAC of .18. She did her 24hrs in jail, did her alcohol class, and put one of those stupid interlocks in her car for a year. Today, mind this is 2013 and 5 years after the conviction, we went to DMV for a reinstatement only to find out that she was never issued a limited license in 2008. IOW she drove with, and paid for, the IID for a year but DMV is saying it didn’t count!!!! They want her to re-install the IID and drive with limited privileges for ANOTHER year!!!

    How long does it take before the restrictions and charges are off her record? At what point can she simply get her license back? At this point it is as if she got the DWI and simply didn’t drive for 5 years. Isn’t that long enough?

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