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    Because I work with a local band, I am always out on the road late at night when bars are closing. Now and then the police announce that they are stepping up enforcement for DUI on particular weekends. Being that I have a V1 radar detector, it’s easy to tell where the police are and what they are really up to. They are not busy going up and down the streets keeping their eyes open for signs of impaired driving. They are sitting in medians, hiding on side streets, or cruising up and down city streets with their RADAR blasting looking for speeders.

    I know this scenario all too well because several years ago I was pulled over for speeding late at night on a weekend. I had a couple drinks earlier in the night but the officer should have been able to tell just from talking to me that I was not impaired. Instead he ran me through all of the field sobriety tests which I easily passed, and when I thought I was ready to leave, this officer who was bound and determined to turn this speeding stop into a DUI arrest came back with his breathalyzer. After blowing a .04 I was finally sent on my way but not before he wasted 30 minutes of valuable police time. I can only wonder how many truly impaired drunk drivers passed by while he had his laser focus on me. If it was all about making the roads safer, he would have let me go much sooner but he was determined to score an arrest if I just happened to hit the .08 mark.

    To me, this does not sound like DUI enforcement at all. It’s nothing but typical speed enforcement but with an added bonus of a DUI bust if they catch a speeder who just happens to be over the legal BAC limit. Apparently some police agencies are taking the lazy route. This pretty much sends the message that if you are driving drunk but don’t speed, you stand a good chance of making it home with no police interference.

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