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    I live in Colorado and due to the legalization of marijuana the state is evaluating current driving impairment laws next year. They are attempting to set a blood content level for THC, just like they have for alcohol. I am writing my representatives to present a new concept and hopefully make a change – remove BAC levels from the equation and focus on actual impaired driving. People are arrested and criminalized here without actually driving. When they are driving it is typically a secondary offense because the officer suspects te driver has been drinking. This is stupid and no reason to criminalize people. They also exercise double jeopardy freely when it comes to DUI or DWAI charges. You are tried in two courts, administrative DMV and criminal court, once the criminal court rules guilty the DMV automatically increases the length of license suspension and adds to the requirements to get it back.

    These laws are unjust and have got to be changed. I built a web site to help unite people, please take a look and send me some feedback (I’ve never done this before) http://www.americansforfairlegislation.com/ I think that since about 1 million people a year receive drunk driving tickets, there should be enough voters to turn things around. I don’t care if you’re drinking, drugging, texting, talking or just plain not paying attention – if you’re driving poorly then you should be pulled over and fined accordingly. I do not believe in using criminal penalties to pacify emotional agendas or fuel the economy.

    If you live in Colorado, I urge you to write your representatives and ask them to change their views on driving impairment laws and treat everyone equally. They begin their review in January.

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