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    On Monday, 9/3/13, a state police with an alcohol aroma wrote an erroneous ticket stating I was driving 83/65. My GPS beeps and/or blinks the speed being driven if it’s over the speed limit. My GPS and speedometer both reflected a speed of approximately 75. My daughter and I can both attest to this fact.

    Another driver was driving fast on my tail in the left lane, so I changed lanes and entered the right lane at about the same time I noticed the patrol car on the shoulder. There were other cars zooming past in the left lane when he pulled out, but he targeted my vehicle because he noted an out-of-state license plate when I drove past him in the right lane.

    Why would I drive 83 while switching from the fast lane to the slow lane, especially when I noticed the patrol car? Speeders do not typically switch from the left (faster) lane to the right (slower) lane.

    He added reckless driving at the end out of spite because I challenged his accusation. This officer not only inflated the speed and tacked on reckless driving, he was completely unaware of the vehicle I was driving as he listed a different vehicle on the citation. The year, make and model of the vehicle he listed did not match the license plate he was looking at because he did not realize the vehicle on the registration was not the vehicle I was driving. (Judgment is the first thing to be affected when a person is under the influence of alcohol.) I cannot swear to it, but we think we smelled alcohol.

    Considering the multiple blunders from this officer, is the citation valid?
    How do you prove that the officer who pulled you over may have been under the influence of alcohol?
    Isn’t it the officer’s responsibility to make sure the citation he writes is factual and accurate?
    What was the advantage of him inaccurately listing reckless driving other than making more money on the ticket?
    Isn’t reckless driving noted when a driver is going 20+ miles over the speed limit, is under the influence or caused an accident?
    How would I fight this ticket from a distance without appearing in court?
    Besides my daughter and GPS, what other testimony or evidence should I attempt to gather to prove innocence?

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