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    I was terminated recently on a pre-hire breathalyzer screening. I received a .009

    I do not drink. I did not eat or drink for 30 minutes or more prior. The only thing I can think of is the jelly on a PB&J I had before entering work. The jelly had sat in my fridge for quite a long time but did not taste foul. This is not a question wether there was residue in my mouth, but actually enough alcohol in my bloostream.

    A rep at Smucker’s is inclined to agree (that their product reduces into alcohol, no comment of course on the physiology of breathalyzers) – but I can’t find any data online relative to my circumstances. I have since found recipes online how to turn a jar of Welch’s grape jelly into wine. So why wouldn’t 2 TBS of fermented jelly be enough to spike a result?

    It has been less than a week since the incident and I still have the jar of jelly.

    My future re-employment hinges on my innocence.

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