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    In Texas, I am being denied due process by a court in Hickory Creek, Texas. I was issued a citation, and advised the officer that he was mistaken about my speed and that I would not sign the ticket. In doing so I asked that the officer arrest me and allow me to see the judge about the matter, as that is his right upon my refusal to sign the ticket. Signing the ticket, as a promise to appear, is essentially a bond, releasing one from arrest through a promise to appear in court at a later date, similar to a release from jail by ones own recognizance.

    Now the problem began when I advised the officer that if he did not arrest me, I would not appear in court. Not only did the officer refuse to arrest me, but advised me that he would see me in court, to which I reminded him that I wouldn’t be there. Years later I had a hold on my drivers license, due to the fact that the court reported me for failure to appear. I contacted the court and advised them that I would agree to a court date, which was set however, upon realizing that my wife was working that day, I called to reschedule with them and they refused. At the time we had only one car, and I had no way to get there.

    So here is where I am denied due process:
    1. They refuse to schedule another court date without my posting bond, which I will not do, as I believe they would simply close the case.
    2. They reported me to Texas Failure to Appear, which has no oversight, and therefore is powerless to do anything to help me.

    Due to this reporting I’m being denied renewal of my drivers license, however by their own recognition, I don’t actually have a failure to appear, because I never agreed to appear in the first place.

    3. The final issue is that they claim to have an arrest warrant out for me, but I’ve tried to turn myself in, in order to be released on OR.

    I’ve been told by multiple jails, including the city and county jail where I live, that there is no warrant for my arrest. When I ask them to arrest me, they refuse, although they claim to have a warrant for my arrest.

    In conclusion, this court has given me no options but to pay them, for a crime I am innocent of, and the worst part is that this is happening to people all over the state of Texas, as cities have said they won’t allow people to sit out their tickets in jail, people without the money to pay fines who agree to sit in jail are unable, and therefore stuck driving without a license. This is a corrupt court and I need to know if there is anyone that can help me with this problem, as my constitutional rights are not being recognized by this court.

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