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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Florida NMA Members,

      In the past week, we have received encouraging information about the prospects for passing repeal legislation and for obtaining the new governor’s signature.

      We’ve been working on the issue for several years and this appears to be the best opportunity to pass a repeal because two members of the state senate that have been staunch supporters of ticket cameras are no longer in position to block the current session legislation.

      Here is more information about HB 6003 and SB 622, including links to the full text of both bills. The Florida House appears poised to approve HB 6003, particularly after it passed out of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee by a 12 to 1 vote on January 23rd. The bill is now referred to the House Appropriations Committee. The State Senate has not yet assigned SB 622, essentially the same legislation, to a committee.

      Our Florida advocates report that this is a bipartisan issue this year with more of your fellow state residents letting state representative know they do not like the current law that enables the use of red-light cameras.

      Now is the time to contact your state legislators in the House and the Senate, Republican and Democrat, to let them know you oppose the use of red-light ticket cameras and therefore support enactment of the HB 6003 / SB 622 legislation.

      Because Governor DeSantis would ultimately have to sign the repeal provision should it pass both chambers of the legislature, please send the same message to him. Share this email alert with friends who aren’t NMA members but who are opposed to the use of automated traffic enforcement. The more voters who contact their representatives for repeal, the stronger the chances of getting rid of the cameras.

      Use this link to find your representative in the State House.

      Use this link to find your state senator.

      Contact information for Governor Ron DeSantis can be found here.

      As the bills make their way through committees and to full votes on the floors of the House and Senate, we will send you updates so that you can reinforce your support for repealing the red-light camera law with all the legislators who will vote on passage.

      Here are common objections to red-light cameras. If you use any of these points in your contacts with state representatives, make them even more powerful by framing them in your own words and your own Florida experiences.

      Thank you for supporting motorists’ rights in Florida .

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