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    I am having issues with this device. I was just about to leave my parents house and did what I’ve been doing and everything was good and well..it asked me to blow, and I did, registered a BAC of 0.000 and it said “PASSED”… “Start you car” etc..etc..and when I did, the car wouldn’t start and a message reading “WV 4.26” came up. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Please let me know! This happened about an hour ago..I called them and the “tech” guy had left early and I can’t get any information about what this code means and why on earth I can’t start my vehicle until tomorrow morning when they open at 7am. I have work at 9:30am and then class and I can’t miss either. HELP! I need to know what I am about to encounter with this company.

    I’m using an intoxalock device with the gps in it and the camera…in case anyone was wondering.

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