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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear NMA Supporters,

      This week, the Michigan State House Bill Authorizes Thousands of Invisible Speed Traps

      CALL and Email Your State Senator to Urge Them to VOTE NO on HB 5385

      Find your State Senator HERE!

      The Michigan House has unanimously passed a bill that will enable cities and townships to write speeding tickets for violating 25-mph speed limits on through roads—without posting any speed-limit signs.

      Under House Bill 5385 (Rep. Hughes, R-Norton Shores), a 25-mph speed limit may exist on any road adjacent to land zoned for residential use.  Unless a city, county, or the state posts a higher limit, the speed limit could drop without warning to 25 mph anywhere that zoning allows residences to be built.  That may include apartments along main streets, isolated farmhouses on rural highways, or vacant land.

      The limits can be unposted.  There will be no way for a driver to know when a main street has a 25-mph limit—until he or she is pulled over and issued a $130 ticket.  So-called “city major” streets would be exempt, but maps of these streets exist only in city halls and Lansing files.  And cities can change the “major” definition at will.  Cities will have mysterious networks of 25-mph and higher limits, all unposted.

      The bill repeals a reform that the legislature passed only two years ago, which prevents cities from imposing the unsigned 25-mph limit on through streets.  Cities object to the resulting loss of traffic-fine revenue, and some continue to issue tickets under the illegal and invisible limits.

      Thank you for your support of Michigan motorist rights!


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