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      I live in NJ. Last night when I went to leave work around 1am (i am a waitress) and start my car my breath registered as a “warn” and allowed me to start my car. I was just going work to home, literally five minutes and less than a mile. After the first test it issued me two rolling retests within the five minutes which both also registered as warns. When I got home I called smart start and they said it was not a violation and would note my account that I called. This morning , 8am, I blew a pass on the first try. However I am terrified that this series of warns will get me in trouble. I am not on probation, my data only gets sent to the DMV I believe. I am over 21 years old. But what do these warns mean? How will they affect me? Should I be worried? I can find very little info on this situation online and am worrying myself sick

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      A google on “ignition interlock device warn” gives lots and lots of sites to start glancing through. This one (2nd one on the list) seems to have some useful info:

      If you’re in an area serving with alcohol and smells, I’d air out for a min or so (not in the car) before trying the car. Also everyone says, keep water in the car to rinse out before using. The startup warn, is probably why it triggered a quick re-test and the next warn triggered the next one.

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      Bliddy Boh

      Basically A warn mean there was a low level of alcohol detected but not enough to fail you. Typically around .02 and under registers as a warn. It depends on your state program though. Most times .025 and above are a fail and a .05 and above counts as a violation and sometimes a lockout.

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